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Love Never Fails

The title of a book has many uses. It is a message for the reader, a clue to the contents. This autobiography is titled Love Never Fails to encompass in three words a clue to who Nila is. She has allowed the use of this title—would never have chosen it herself, unless she was talking…

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Tracing the Arc

Meet two young men, Burgess and Gainor, my two grandfathers. After growing up, they found first jobs in the “civilized” East. Then hearing the call to “Go West, Young Man” they separately left for the Far West to an uncertain future in the Montana Territory. Each was equipped only with the power of an idea coupled with youthful energy and ambition. In a few short years they built families, earned first-rate reputations, and helped settle Montana.

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Deep Roots

Out Where the Sage Grows So Tall Can you be poor and happy? Find out as you follow a young girl living on a homestead in Montana’s Shields River Valley from 1910 to 1919 — quoted from her memoir, written several years before she died. Lewis and Lizzie Stevens and their children learn the value…

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Water Shock

The Day Southern California Went Dry What happens when evil people, true believers, natural disasters, and failed water policy meet? Metahydro’s water expert Charlie Reagan does battle with all of them in this forward-looking novel about what could really happen to Southern California in just a few short years. It’s a bleak future that doesn’t…

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Senior Writers Group

This website is devoted to those senior writers who would like to see their work published so it can be shared with friends and family inexpensively. Prior to the advent of blogging on the World Wide Web, writers first had to seek a publisher, or self-publish with a copy service, and then along came Amazon…

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