Tracing the Arc

Of The Two Men Who Helped Build Montana

Meet two young men, Burgess and Gainor, my two grandfathers. After growing up, they found first jobs in the “civilized” East. Then hearing the call to “Go West, Young Man” they separately left for the Far West to an uncertain future in the Montana Territory. Each was equipped only with the power of an idea coupled with youthful energy and ambition. In a few short years they built families, earned first-rate reputations, and helped settle Montana.

Follow these men as they faced ethical, moral and political challenges. For those who are related by blood, if you could go back in time and meet these ancestors whose genes you carry, you might get insight into how you relate to the world around you. Discover why you may have certain likes and dislikes; what drives you to do one thing and not another; and discern God-given talent that emerged and may skip a generation and re-emerge in you.


Celebration of Nila's Life

Helena, Montana

  • Saturday September 16th, 1 pm
  • Anderson Stevenson & Wilke Funeral Home
  • 3750 North Montana Ave
    Helena, MT 59602
  • Celebration followed by lunch

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